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I had a cooking demonstration at the Le Creuset in Destin, Florida on Saturday to celebrate Irish food for St. Patrick’s Day. I prepared Dublin Coddle, an Irish stew with Irish sausages, potatoes, onions, and bacon. I also made some Irish Brown Bread the morning of the demonstration to serve with the Coddle.
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I prepared the Dublin Coddle in a Le Creuset Round French Oven. The Round French Oven is available in a variety of sizes, but I used the 4 1/2 quart . The interior is made of cast iron and coated in chip and crack resistant enamel. The 4 1/2 quart is 10 inches wide and 6 3/4 inches in height. It was the perfect vessel for a one-pot meal like Dublin Coddle, from searing the sausages to simmering the stew. It would also be great for baking the Irish Brown Bread.

I served the Dublin Coddle in Mini Oval Cocettes (first photo).

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Dublin Coddle is an easy comfort food to prepare and the Brown Bread is the perfect vessel for sopping up the extra liquid. A special thanks to the ladies at Le Creuset for such a great day!

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Disclaimer and Disclosure: Everything written here is my own opinion. I received Le Creuset products following the cooking demonstration.

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  1. lk529 23 March, 2014 at 1:00 pm Reply

    I love those light green ramekins!
    Looks like a successful demo.

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