Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins (7 of 8)

Strawberry Cheesecake Streusel Muffins

These Strawberry Cheesecake Streusel Muffins may take a bit of effort and time to create the different layers, but it… Continue reading »

Marinated Goat Cheese

Secret Recipe Club: Marinated Goat Cheese

I took a break from Secret Recipe Club last month, but am back this month with Marinated Goat Cheese! For those… Continue reading »

Gallitos de Papa (3 of 3)

Gallitos de Papa (Costa Rican Potatoes)

Gallitos de Papa are Costa Rican Potatoes seasoned with garlic, paprika, salt, and a little sugar. They are best served… Continue reading »

Malabi (Israeli Milk Pudding) with Orange Brandy Sauce

Balaboosta Cookbook Review and Malabi with Orange Brandy Sauce

Balaboosta, named after the Yiddish expression for “a perfect housewife”, is a compilation of recipes and personal memories from Einat Admony. The term… Continue reading »

Caprese Macaroni and Cheese (3 of 3)

Caprese Macaroni and Cheese

Evan is a huge macaroni and cheese fan, so I love finding new recipes to change things up. This Caprese… Continue reading »

Tahinov Hatz (Armenian Tahini Bread)

Tahinov Hatz (Armenian Tahini Bread)

Tahinov Hatz is an Armenian bread filled with layers of tahini (sesame paste), sugar, and sometimes cinnamon. These stuffed flatbreads… Continue reading »

Kachumbari Ya Matango (Tanzanian Cucumber Salad)

Kachumbari Ya Matango (Tanzanian Cucumber Salad)

Today I am sharing a recipe for Kachumbari Ya Matango, a Tanzanian salad of cucumbers tossed with thinly sliced carrots… Continue reading »

Biscotti Glassati alle Noci (Italian Iced Walnut Biscuits)

The Silver Spoon: Puglia Cookbook Review and Biscotti Glassati alle Noci (Iced Walnut Biscuits)

The Silver Spoon: Puglia is newest cookbook in the series of regional Italian cooking by Phaidon. It is the third in… Continue reading »

Frita Cubana (Cuban Burger)

#FoodieExtravaganza Hamburgers: Frita Cubana (Cuban Hamburger)

Foodie Extravaganza is where we celebrate obscure food holidays or cook and bake together with the same ingredient or theme… Continue reading »

Agua de Fresa (Mexican Strawberry Water)

Agua de Fresa (Mexican Strawberry Water)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate with some refreshing Agua Fresca (“fresh water” in Spanish). Aguas Frescas are a group of… Continue reading »